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This kit includes:
 2  Mixed Media Pens
    - 1 Fine Point Pen
    - 1 Medium Point Pen
 1  12x8" Mixed Media Mat

The Mixed Media Pen allows artists to apply acrylics, inks and any medium onto any surface. When paint or ink is applied with the Mixed Media Pen, it does not change the hand of the fabric or paper. The pen comes in two sizes: the gold pen has a large nib (medium point); and the smaller nib (fine point) pen is black.

The Mixed Media Mat:
- Holds projects in place, but nothing sticks to mat permanently.
- Can withstand projects working with heat up to 500°F/260°C
- Holds fabric or paper in place without assistance of stabilizers

Mixed Media Pens & Mat

  • To clean your pens:

    Clean pen thoroughly after each use in warm soapy water.  To clean inside the nib, push wire tool through the nib. Rinse well.  Blow remaining moisture out of nib end and let it dry completely. Place the protective cab on pen and wire tool when not in use to protect them.

    To clean your mat:

    • Use a lint roller to remove lint and dust
      • Beckah recommends:  Always lint roll before placing your project onto mat, and between projects to remove any accumulation.
    • Use mild soap (dish soap acceptable) to wash off paint and adhesive residues.
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